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  1927 Born in Arnhem (The Netherlands) on the 23rd of November. He lived in Amsterdam.  
  1940/43 He studied Mechanics and Decoration at the Technical School of Amsterdam.  
  1941 Obtention of his first award for painting (landscape) and drawing (portrait) during a Cultural Event of Amsterdam.  
  1943/44 Studied Fine Art at the Drawing School of Amsterdam.  
  1944/45 Lived in secrecy because of the German occupation.  
  1946/47 Finished his studies at the Fine Art School and at the age of nineteen he started working as an Art teacher.  
  1950 He specialized in typography at the Foundation Tetterode in Amsterdam.  
  1953 He married Nelli.  
  1954 Started working as a freelance Graphic and Illustration Designer.  
  1955 Made illustrations for the National newspaper "Het Parool".  
  1956 Birth of his daughter Celine.  
  1958 Birth of his son Marten.  
    1961 Ran his own studio for Graphic Design, Illustrations and Works for companies like:
- Sikkens-Akzo (paint factory) (The Netherlands)
- Talens (Apeldoorn, The Netherlands) - Flexa (Sassenheim, The Netherlands)
- City of Amsterdam
- Railways Nederlandse Spoorwegen
- Mobil Oil (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) - Shell (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
- Different printers and publishers (The Netherlands and Switserland)
    1961 In the Sixties he took a very active part in car racing, obtaining some prizes driving DKW and BMW.  
    1961 Birth of his daughter Charlotte  
    1960/73 He received different awards for book designing, packaging and annual reports in The Netherlands, Yugoslavia and the U.S.A.  
    1974 After a heart operation, he sold his Studio Kwinkelenberg in Amsterdam and moved with his family to Spain.
Once in Alicante he dedicated his time to painting. At first he made some large realistic paintings of bulls on order for some American people. He also painted some Spanish towns like Toledo and Cuenca. However, not long afterwards, he started painting abstract. One could say that after the 80´s, he was only interested in Modern Art. When possible he travelled around the world, visiting galleries, museums and art-exhibitions. He loved to discover the different cultures found in Europe, Asia and America. Still today he feels a need to travel, despite his age.
    2006 Decease of his wife, Nelli.  
    2007 Alter several months he resumed his daily tasks and painted a series of innovative paintings.  
    2013 He moves to the pottery village Agost (Alicante).  
    2013 He passes away at the age of 85.